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Hello World. So, like, I totally have a blog now.

Like the 20 million other bloggers out there I totally believe I have stuff worth saying and I think the first step to getting this out is to actually create a blog. Maybe I’ll even write in it semi-regularly. I wouldn’t expect any consistency in the topics though. My thoughts are as random as your average random number generator. Sometimes even I don’t know what I’m thinking.

So here are some guidelines for anyone finding this blog and who is actually crazy enough to follow it:

Things to expect:

  • The unexpected
  • Squirrels

Things not to expect:

  • Coherency
  • Consistency
  • The expected

Great. Now we’re all on the same page.

This is actually the most I’ve written in weeks that didn’t fit into 140 characters. I’m looking forward to writing more here.

Insert awesome ending line here.



One Comment

  1. Lol i like it. Great first entry, Now to force family members and other random people to read this 😉 Good luck.

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