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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Writing is hard. 

Wow. It’s a revelation I know. But it’s true. Putting words down on paper (or, in this digital age, more often putting words on screen) that actually form half way decent sentences is one of the hardest things for me to do.

I mean, you’d think it would be pretty easy. I talk a lot. Have a pretty good command of the English language. Am proficient at the 140 character status and the 90 character ad. I even have a decent vocabulary filled with cool sounding words like mellifluous, stentorian and conflagration. I even know what they mean and didn’t need spell-check to spell them correctly (it seems all those years of reader’s digest word quizzes paid off! Thanks Dad!)

I need some inspiration. I need a muse. Someone or something that will inspire me, that will give me great ideas that just leap onto paper! If only those Greek goddesses of inspiration truly existed.

Maybe it’s a lack of focus, in the 3 hours alone, while trying to write this post, I have tweeted 7 times, changed my twitter profile pic, updated my page, spent 20 minutes searching for people I know on LinkedIn (this is probably a topic for a whole separate post though) and made 2 cups of tea. And probably spent ~20 minutes of actual time writing. 

They say to become an expert in anything you need to spend approximately 10 000 hours doing it. What I want to know is: does 10 000 hours trying/pretending to write count? If that’s the case I’m pretty sure I passed that mark ages ago >.<